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Post-Breast Augmentation Bra Shopping Tips

Woman shopping for and trying on bras post-op breast augmentation.

One of the exciting perks of breast augmentation surgery is being able to shop for bras that might not have been suitable for patients with smaller breasts. But breast augmentation patients in Calgary should understand the need to postpone splurging on new bras until swelling completely resolves.

In this blog post, we’ll offer some tips about bra shopping after getting breast implants. These pointers are also helpful for women who combine a breast lift with augmentation.

These tips include:

  • Be patient:  After getting breast implants, you will need to wear a specially designed support bra during the first week, sometimes two, of recovery. We recommend buying one of our surgical bras, and if you need to wash it, you can wear a light sports bra that opens at the front or go braless for an hour or two. After a week it is okay to start wearing other bras as long as they aren’t a push-up or extra tight.
  • Get a professional fitting: Many women, whether they have breast implants or not, wear bras that don’t fit very well. A professional fitting at a local lingerie store can help ensure you purchase comfortably fitting bras that show off your new curves. Having an expert measure your bust also helps narrow down your options so you can avoid trying on an unnecessary number of bras.
  • Wait even a bit more before buying really expensive bras: Even after you’ve healed, your breasts continue to change. It can take a while for swelling to go down before your breasts settle to their final size. If you purchase all new bras during the recovery period, you may have to go out and buy more a few weeks later. Purchasing a nice bra or 2 is fine, but don’t go overboard until about 6-12 months have passed.
  • Be adventurous: This is the fun part! Your new breasts don’t deserve the same old, same old. Plan a bra-shopping trip with some friends, and try out styles and fashions that you avoided in the past.
  • Donate your old bras: As women know, bras can be expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy them. Consider giving your lightly used bras to charity. You can start here to find an organization that collects bras to distribute to women in need.

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